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MC Roga hosting SLAM!Koningsdag 2015

MC Roga hosting Evolution the Mixtape Part 1
Roga got his name by being who he is. Roga is street slang for Rough, rugged and raw. Born and raised in the Netherlands from Caribbean decent. He is an English native speaker as his mother was born on the British island of Grenada.

After being discovered in a local club by one of the hottest DJ’s of Amsterdam, (Victor Coral) he made his debut at the now legendary club night R.U.S.H. by the Chemistry on Bloomingdale beach. Launched along side one of the Netherlands founding fathers of house music, Marcello the path for a long career was paved. And this was only the beginning!

Raw energy and an exhilarating stage presence resulted in collaborations with the world’s leading dance acts and DJ’s. In 2010 Tiësto specially requested him for his big show on Dutch well-known 538 Queensday at Museumplein, broadcasted live on radio and tv with over a million views and an audience of more than a 100.000 people. And this is just a fraction of highlights in his now 8th year professional career.

After joining Ace Agency in 2008 his brand is connected to the world most leading dance events and artists. “This was a big step for me”, the agency is like a big family and we all work towards new boundaries taking it further every time.

Other big highlight in his career was representing Dirty Dutch on the main stage of 2012 with DJ Chuckie. “This was one of my favorite gigs” he says, making 60.000 people taking of their shirt and doing the helicopter.

Besides EDM, Roga has the ability to adapt his MC career to Latin House, Deep House, and Hip Hop. “Each are very different styles and need different approaches”. This results in a numerous range of collaborations and events that are compatible with Roga. Making him one of worlds most wanted MC’s.

You can expect to see Roga rockin’ crowds around the world next to the world’s leading DJ’s and dance concepts. Rockin’ it like it’s supposed to be done.

Next to his MC career Roga has an alias, Beaumont Livingstone. You could catch him spinning some Chicago-House or Detroit-Tech in some warehouse party but that’s another story.

Notice that deep dark voice that your mind will listen to and your body will follow.

MC Roga hosting Tungevaag & Raaban @ Weekend Festival 2015

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